Content marketing: show don’t tell

In a previous article about content marketing, I recommended that when looking for material to use, your company’s mission statement can act as a frame of reference. But talking about values can be as numbing as talking about your own kids. Many people have kids and are less interested in yours than their own. So […]

Ever try to throw a book away?

Are books the queen of content marketing? Seriously, have you ever tried to throw a book away? Tough, isn’t it? It’s something about our education, perhaps. There’s always a pang of guilt. “I really shouldn’t be doing this…” And we only think of throwing them away because the thing has been lying around in full […]

Look inside for content marketing ideas

Content marketing is still high on everyone’s agenda. The trick is to generate content that actually means something to readers and potential customers. There is always a temptation to look outside the company for content marketing ideas. But there are also great sources for ideas right inside your daily operations. I’m sure you have sat […]

Press release distribution

For a few months, I have been including press release distribution alongside the more usual services of copywriting, product naming and concept development. Combining the copywriting of press releases with the distribution makes sense, as there are editorial guidelines that need to be respected at the writing stage of releases. If there is an issue, […]

Quickie: how to recover from a penguin penalty

 Using Ahrefs to recover from a penguin penalty   Lots of webmasters have found themselves scrambling to deal with Google’s Penguin update. The Ahref website has put together a quickie guide to recovering from a Google penguin penalty. Handy, easy to understand and easy to implement. If you’re the type of person that does things […]