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Crown Paints brochureHere’s one I particularly enjoyed writing. Crown Paints Ireland were looking to seriously revamp their brochure. The approach taken by TBWA/Brussels was to show the human side of painting – how enjoyable it can be and the incredible difference a good coat of paint can make. As I worked as a painter for a year a long time ago, it was a way of going back to my roots, in a way (or at least re-visiting something I enjoyed doing). The Crown Paints brochure also gave me an opportunity to continue an old battle of mine: War on White. Is there a more bland and weak-willed choice of colour than white? The art direction, photography and production on this one are top-class. Congrats to TBWA/Brussels and Crown Paints. Click through for one of the inside pages.

This is the intro page, which pretty much sets the tone.

Crown Paints Ireland introduction

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