CVTrust voted “entrepreneur of the year”

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Interesting to see that our customer CVTrust has picked up an award as “entrepreneur of the year” from the Belgian organisation Enterprize. We were called in to work on the website before it was launched. The service enables job seekers to authenticate their CVs once and for all in one place. Recruiters save time and money by dealing with CVs that are already  approved and therefore more trustworthy. Another win-win situation.

We could have gotten pretty in-depth on this, as it is an innovative concept. But the client – and needless to say The Write Stuff – were anxious to keep the copywriting as concise and effective as possible. So it was a case of working hard to make it easy to read and use.

Incidentally, if you’re not looking for a job the site can also be used to validate customer quotes.

UPDATE (June 2012): CVTrust recently launched Smart Diploma that allows academic institutions to digitally grant academic credentials with the level of integrity that graduates, academics and recruiters demand.  It also allows graduates to manage and share all their diplomas and certificates in one centralized and secure web-based platform.

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