Getting your Trinity Audio player ready…

This ad from Saatchi – which I had absolutely nothing to do with – is brilliant at a number of levels. What I like most is the pay-off (nope, I won’t spoil the pleasure). It runs through a series of CGI-enhanced levels before coming back to the most basic appeal imaginable.

We’re all beginning to understand that anything is possible in CGI. If you’ve sat through a dozen ads on steroids at the movies recently waiting for the big show to begin, you know how tiring it can be. So what if the screen shakes when the monster stomps by? Or of the screen seems to melt. We’ve seen that already. So it’s important to reach people with something more conceptual, which this ad does. In fact, it’s not just conceptual, it’s the emotional juice that raises the smile at the end.

Interesting also that it is basically a silent movie (the music is Charles Sheffield, "It's Your Voodoo Working").