Getting your Trinity Audio player ready…

With the Cannes Fest (and its market) coming up, I’m reading a lot of blurbs, pitches and write-ups at the moment. These are the one- or two-line – sometimes only five-word – summaries that people use to grab our attention and perhaps give a little flavour of what the story is about. I always remember “Alien” being sold under the warning that “In space, no one can hear you scream“. The producers of “Speed” showed remarkable focus when they were pitching the project as “‘Die Hard’ on a bus“. That’s five words, folks. Considering the millions of profit it generated, I’d say that’s pretty effective writing.

So I thought I’d start a collection of killer taglines as I come across them. The opening salvo comes from the British company Swords & King.

They have a number of good one-liners. But I was immediately caught by:

Marilyn: Life is never easy, especially when you’re dead

It’s most likely the contrast that caught me. What does it promise? Comedy? Murder? It’s sufficiently intriguing for me to want to find out more. The least you can say about Blood Life Films in Canada is that they are clear about what they offer:

Scarce: How will anyone find you when you’ve been eaten?

I think you can guess what is happening in that lonely hunting cabin in the woods. No intrigue here! Just the promise of gore. British digital distributor Content Republic is handling an animated version of the Prokofiev classic:

Peter and the Wolf: It’s a wolf-eat-duck world

Cute. By the way, I haven’t seen or even read any of these projects. I’m just going by first impressions, which is too often the only impression you get to make in this line of business.

I’ll be filling this up as we get closer to the date. Feel free to throw in any you find.