Music in ads: USA Today

I just read an interesting piece in US Today about music in advertising, tying in with the annual Cannes Lions fair. Music and advertising is a bit of a dream date: the music can do with the exposure (and the extra licensing fees at a time when revenue is still falling), whereas the brand gets instant magic and immense colour. As one producer says in the article, “No one ever calls up and says, ‘I want to sound like an ad’. They say, ‘I want to sound like a hit on the radio’.”

The article has a Coca-Cola ad with a number of different soundtracks. But it’s not easy by any means. Working with a good art director and editor is essential, as well as composers that are keyed into both upcoming music and the needs of a very broad 30-second format. I’ve worked on several projects over the years, including Alpro soya, Tuborg and Douwe Egberts, as well as providing lyrics for a number of hit songs. I’ve also been called in to find existing music to licence (for an upcoming PlayStation game, notably). The edvantage of licensing existing music is that you know exactly what you will get.

Check the USA Today article here. And if you’re looking for a song for your ad, ring me on +322/644 02 30.